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Historical Supernatural Thriller

Historical Supernatural Thriller

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A Resting Place

For those who enjoy romance in this world or the next, love, true or unrequited, mysteries and oddities surrounding the post-Civil War, or the supernatural/paranormal, this novella has it all. A Resting Place starts at the end of the war and continues to the present. As you will see, some relationships just refuse to quietly fade away.


Welcome to Supernatural Snack Bar. My name is J. T. (Troy) Seate and I’m excited about a new blog dealing with stories about the supernatural, the strange, and the absurd. This site is about reading and writing with an emphasis on the paranormal. The snack bar will contain thoughts, stories, interviews, experiences and advice which has come over the length of my professional writing career that started in 2005. Since then, I’ve written everything from humor to the erotic to the macabre, and am especially keen on stories that transcend genre pigeonholing.

Although I enjoy writing in all genres, it’s the mysterious and the macabre that seem to influence the funny monkey in my brain the most. In addition to my novels and novellas, my short stories and memoirs appear in numerous magazines, newspapers, anthologies and webzines. Recent publications can be found at,, and Muse It Up carries my most recent work, stories of the supernatural and paranormal with more to come. Melange Books carries my three suspense/thriller novels, among other stories, and Whispers carries most of my adult romances. Many of my works are linked from my website at and on Amazon, B&N, etc.

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